The Roanoke Island Freedmen's Colony - Documents

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The secretaries of the American Missionary Association and the New York branch of the National Freedmanís Relief Association received hundreds of letters from missionaries in the Southern mission field. They selected a few each month to edit and print in their official journals. The letters and partial letters transcribed below were written from missionary teachers on Roanoke Island and published in the American Missionary, The Freedmenís Advocate, and The National Freedman. Since the letters were published in nineteenth-century journals, they are in the public domain.

Although the original letters that were sent to the National Freedmanís Relief Association have disappeared, the original letters that were sent to the American Missionary Association were preserved, and are currently in the American Missionary Association Archives of the Amistad Research Center at Tulane University. Those interested in reading the original documents that were excerpted in the American Missionary, as well as all of the other letters written from the missionaries on Roanoke Island to the secretary of the American Missionary Association, will find them in the American Missionary Association Archives. At this point in time, all of the handwritten letters from Roanoke Island that are in the American Missionary Association Archives have been transcribed. It is hoped that the Amistad Research Center will eventually give permission for these transcriptions to be placed on this Web site.

Elizabeth James, 19 December 1863

Elizabeth James, 7 April [1864]

Sarah P. Freeman, 7 July 1864

Sarah P. Freeman, 30 August 1864

Sarah P. Freeman, 29 September 1864

Sarah P. Freeman, 7 November 1864

Elizabeth James, [29 December 1864]

Mary A. Burnap, 7 January 1865

Sarah P. Freeman, February 1865

Ella Roper, 12 February 1865

Esther A. Williams, 17 February 1865

Mary A. Burnap, 21 March [1865]

Ella Roper, 20 April 1865

Susan Odell, 29 May 1865

Sarah P. Freeman, 26 August 1865

E. P. Bennett, 31 October 1865

E. P. Bennett, 14 November 1865

Esther A. Williams, [December 1865]

Sarah P. Freeman, 3 January 1866

Sarah P. Freeman, 13 June 1865

Sarah P. Freeman, [August 1866]

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